On the Horizon: 2018 Recreational Boating Trends

2018 recreational boating trends

Already well into the first quarter of 2018, you may be revving up for a spring and summer season full of beach trips and boating fun. As an industry and culture, we love to think about what’s around the bend for boating. Gazing into the near future, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) posted a video on notable 2018 recreational boating trends we may see in the coming months.

2018 Recreational Boating Trends to Watch

  • Versatility: Though there are certainly boats that work better for specific activities, there’s a prediction that more boaters will seek out multi-use vessels. This makes sense when considering many boaters aren’t on the water professionally or for a highly specific reason. Many may flock to vessels that are more Jacks of all trades.

  • Family Focus: This year is predicted to be big for families, and why not? Boating can be big fun for everyone, whether cruising on a lake or deep sea fishing. As long as the captain follows safe boating laws and practices, boating is a relatively safe way to bond in the great outdoors.

  • Fishing: According to the NMMA video, 70% of boats are used for fishing. Additionally, the sales of vessels used for saltwater fishing are predicted to increase by 4% and freshwater to increase by 2%. Whether for relaxation or some friendly competition, there’s a reason fishing is a major driver of boat sales, and will be for the foreseeable future.

  • Boat Services: You don’t have to own a boat to enjoy time on the water. The NMMA predicts that services including boat rentals, chartering and fractional use boating, just to name a few.

NMMA president, Thom Dammrich has some solid predictions for 2018 recreational boating trends, many of which ring true to what we’ve seen firsthand in recent years. With an increased interest in versatility, family boating, fishing and alternative means of getting onto the water, this year is sure to be yet another exciting time to be in our industry and share this common passion of ours. Only time will tell if these predictions prove correct, but regardless, we’re happy to get going on another season of sunshine and fun on our favorite waterways.