Hear what our clients have to say!


We take pride in the customers and companies we work with. At Hi-tide. we’ve established lasting relationships that our customer and marine contractors can count on to help any project!


“It’s just nice, ya know. You don’t have to second guess or try to figure our how your doing something. They’ve got enough knowledge there to help you complete your job.”

Mike Kalajian – Marine Contractor


“They stand behind they’re product. The customers are totally happy. I feel very comfortable that Hi-Tide helps us fit these boats, and they even go out and take a look to make sure the boat is fitted properly. I can call them and they’re going to do they’re best to make sure I’m happy on the other end.”

Joy Yancy – Marine Contractor – Summerlin Marine Construction



“With my Hi-Tide boat lift it makes it super easy to get in and out at all times. Much quieter than anything else on the lake at this point. When I’m gone from the house I know it’s protected at all times. It’s an amazing product”

Chris Pantani – Customer