Lift Accessories

Bunk Riser Brackets

Tunnel Hull Brackets

Adjustable Height Pivoting Chock Brackets

Keel Pad with Sailboat Stanchion

Aluminum Service Platform

Boarding Platform

Comes standard in 2′ x 2′ and 3′ x 3′. Custom sizes available. (Handrail available)

Cable Keepers

Floating Dock Ladder (Three Steps)

Figure 1.

Finger Pier Ladders

Fixed and slide styles available. Figure 2.

Dock Ladders

Fixed, slide, and flip-up styles available in up to six steps. Figure 3.

Angled Lifter Beams

Available for shallow water.

Flare Guides

Automatically centers the boat on the bunks. Ideal for rough waters. Easy install.

Cradle Stabilizer

Keeps the lift cradle from swinging.

Aluminum Drive Shaft Cover

Comes in full-length or winder size.

Aluminum Catwalk

(Shown with optional sternwalk) Creates walkable surface around your boat.

Pyramid Catwalk Step (Two Steps)

Three and four steps also available.

Remote Control

Remote with key fob. Optional light kit adds control of dock lights.

Standard Limit Switch

Controls how far up or down the lift moves. Available as an option on most Hi-Tide lifts. Available in standard or flexshaft.

Boathouse Brackets

Allows boathouse installation of our four-post lift with toprails. Toprails sit on brackets.

Marina Brackets

Allows mounting of two lifts that share pilings.

Three-Step Catwalk Step (Three Steps)

Two, four and five steps also available.

Catwalk Ladder (Four Steps)

Three to six steps also available.