The Health Benefits of Boating

Health Benefits

It’s no secret — boaters will find any and every excuse to hit the water for a day of fun with friends and family. Even though any experienced boater has more than a few “valid reasons” why this weekend should be spent cruising down their favorite waterways, we have a few more to add to your list.

Did you know? Boating has some legitimate health benefits you should consider.

The Health Benefits of Boating

  • Vitamin D: An unfortunate reality of many Americans’ work lives is that it often involves countless hours under the humming, harsh glow of fluorescent lights. Few of us are fortunate to spend much of our waking hours in the sun, so getting outside after work, while on vacation or on the weekend is definitely a treat. Soaking up the sunshine (safely) can help strengthen bones, fight disease and combat depression.
  • A Break from Technology: Though cell phone addiction isn’t officially recognized by the mental health textbooks, it’s a very real phenomenon and one that can cripple us without us even realizing it. If you are constantly palming at your pocket or purse to check your Twitter or Facebook, you may be in need of a little break. Boating in the perfect excuse to put the phone away and live in the moment, enjoying the natural beauty all around you.
  • Family Time: There are real health benefits to spending some quality time with friends and family. From stress reduction to contagious healthy habits that your fit friends may impart on you, enjoying time on the water with loved ones is all positive. Also, take into consideration that the health benefits are also shared with those you are spending time with as well, such as your kids, who get more time with Mom and Dad, or your friends, who can be relieved of depression by getting on the water with their buds.
  • Fitness: Looking for a low-impact, full-body exercise that is fun to do even on the most sweltering of summer days? Swimming may just be the miracle workout you’re looking for. Even many water sports are great, unconventional ways to stay active and fit while having fun in the sun.

Though you may not need more reasons to take your next boating trip, we hope the above health benefits may help to make convincing your friends or family that it is, indeed, time for another excursion on the water. Stay safe, stay healthy and we’ll see you on the water.