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Yacht Ownership 101


When you think “yacht,” images of caviar, champagne and flamboyant billionaires may come to mind. However, the definition of what exactly a yacht is varies with almost every person you ask. Is yacht simply a term for a large, luxury ship? What are the defining factors of yachts? Are there any considerations that yacht owners must take that other boaters do not? We explore exactly what a yacht is and why it may not be what you assumed all along.

What is a Yacht?

Well, the definition has changed over time. A yacht, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is basically any recreational watercraft, such as a motorboat used for pleasure cruising or a sailboat used for racing. OK, so not the most specific of definitions, but it’s a good starting place for us. Upon further investigation, it seems that some further refine this definition by adding some simple parameters that separate ships from yachts.

In general terms, yachts tend to be larger than 30 feet and steer towards luxury above all else. It’s important to note that yachts can be considered boats or ships, yet still rightfully retain their claim as yachts. The key differentiator here is the luxury element. Even if a boat isn’t very large, many will still consider it a yacht if it matches a set of luxury standards.

On the high end, megayachts measure in at over 100 feet in length, and superyachts supersede even those, spanning more than 150 feet. Believe it or not, the largest yachts rank in at more than 400 feet.

Consider This

Though you may not have a superyacht, any large vessel requires care when looking for the right lift. Large ships can weigh literal tons and require a special design to hold and evenly distribute such weight. Since boat lifts are our specialty, we can provide the perfect solution to your yacht storage problems.

Hi-Tide provides yacht lifts that:

  • Can handle yachts from 40,000 pounds to 90 tons
  • Can conform to custom, special sizes and configurations
  • Utilize the sealed aluminum Hi-Tide Gear Drive® gear box
  • Use 6061-T6 marine-grade aluminum throughout the design

The bottom line: if you’re shopping for a ship and see the buzzword, “yacht,” displayed prominently, make sure you do your research and find out if the seller’s definition meets yours before you’re met with disappointment. Once the yacht of your dreams is yours, you know who to call to give you a lift.