What is a Boat Elevator?

We’ve all been there: you have an interest in a new hobby or lifestyle but don’t even know the questions to ask. Well, one question we often get is, what, exactly, is a boat elevator?

Thankfully, boat elevator lifts are pretty simple to explain. At Hi-Tide, we develop aluminum boat elevator lifts. This hardware attaches to your dock by attaching to either piling or seawall. When docking, you simply position your vessel over the lift platform, which is submerged in the water. Once in position, by operating the elevator lift, you can raise the submerged platform, which raises your vessel above the water.

As you may know, water (yes, even freshwater) can be quite corrosive and damaging to your vessel. Simply put, a boat elevator lift keeps the bottom of your vessel high and dry–in a good way. Why?

  • Boats have been known to sink while docked, sometimes due to damage caused by rough waves.
  • A vessel raised above the waterline avoid damage from the corrosive effects that water can have over time.
  • With less wear on vessels, boats can better maintain their paint and are often far easier to clean than those left docked.

Even if your vessel is docked in tighter quarters, a boat elevator may be just right for your needs. Of course, if you have more questions about the benefits of boat lifts or more specifics on our very own aluminum elevator lifts, don’t be afraid to ask. Whether you’re a boating newcomer or experienced captain looking for some new hardware, we’re more than happy to share our passion with anyone in need of a lift.