Boat Lift Installations: Your 8 Biggest Questions Answered

Boat lift installations are not something to be taken lightly. Trust us–we know a thing or two about boat lifts. Though we can be sure of the quality of our boat lifts, boat lift installations are just as important as boat lifts themselves to securing all manner of vessels all year long.

To dig a bit deeper into the topic of boat lift installations, we tapped into the president of Hi-Tide Boat Lifts himself, Carlos Quinones, to answer the top-eight questions we get on the subject.

Carlos Clears Up 8 Big Questions on Boat Lift Installations


What is the number one question you get about boat lift installations?

Why can’t I install it myself? The answer is simple: installing your boat lift incorrectly can lead to serious boat damage and is definitely best left to the pros.

What should boaters look for in a boat lift installer? How can you tell if they’re qualified and know what they’re doing?

Look for longevity in the business, all proper insurances, adequate equipment for setup (barge, cranes, machinery to hammer pilings) and an installer who is an actual marine contractor. Hi-Tide qualifies and certifies all of its own dealers/installers.

What are the warning signs of a faulty boat lift installation?

The real culprit in a traditional install is the proper driving of a piling–this is crucial to the lift itself. An inadequately driven piling can move, sink and cause all sorts of havoc to the lift sitting on top of it. Aluminum elevators are a different monster altogether and require their tracks to be perfectly parallel or the elevator will bind. In simple terms, this could pose a major issue for your boat.

Is there a way to get a boat lift installation assessment, especially after rough weather?

Your certified Hi-Tide Boat Lifts dealer will gladly assess your boatlift at anytime. It’s always a best practice to arrange/purchase a service contract with your dealer when you purchase your lift to keep yourself covered. After a storm, it is highly recommended to arrange for a boat lift assessment to insure there are no concerns structurally or electrically.

How long should my boat lift installation remain secure?

Some aluminum lifts with driven piles are still tip-top to this day after 30-40 years.

Can I do my own boat lift installation?

No, you void any warranty if an installation is performed by an unauthorized or uncertified installer.

Where can boat lifts be installed?

Hi-Tide’s boat lifts can be installed anywhere pilings are allowed.

Do you have to conduct maintenance on your boat lift once installed? If so, how often?

Maintenance is kept to a minimum with a Hi-Tide boat lift due to our welded design and sealed gear boxes. Greasing pulleys and bearing blocks and spraying cables with corrosion block are regular maintenance suggested by the manufacturer. This can vary depending on frequency of use, however. Cables are recommended to be changed every five years.


We hope that helps clear up some of your questions about boat lift installations but if you’re still looking for answers, whether about boat lift installations or anything else in our wheelhouse, our team is ready to talk shop. Contact us today, and as always, we’ll see you on the water!