The 5 Boat Lift Features You’re Forgetting

boat lift

Boat lifts can seem relatively straightforward–they keep your boat safely stored at a dock or marina. As boat lift experts, of course, we know it can be a bit more complicated than that. Not all boat lifts are made equal and there are a few key features you may be forgetting when shopping for your lift.

Top 5 Boat Lift Features

  • Drives: Arguably the most important feature of any boat lift, the drive acts as the heart of the lift. We understand just how vital a quality drive is to performance and reliability, so we paid extra attention to making them with proprietary Gear Drive tech. Add redundant quality control into the mix and you end up with a drive you can trust.
  • Controls: When it comes to controls, reliability is also a major concern. The issues arise in the handoff between manufacturers of boat lifts and manufacturers of the motor controls. There is always a chance that a good boat lift manufacturer’s efforts can be for naught if they choose a lackluster, unreliable motor control company. Hi-Tide sidesteps this potential quality issue by designing, building and fully testing our motor control devices–the only manufacturer currently to do so.
  • Construction: On the water, it’s all about fighting the highly corrosive environment that can strip almost any surface or material. The answer? High-grade marine aluminum and the use of welded construction techniques. Accept no substitutes.
  • Components: Components like cables and electric motors may seem like smaller pieces to the puzzle, but together, they can make or break your lift. Make sure each piece of your boat lift is well made and field tested for its reliability. Some manufacturers, like ourselves, fabricate many components themselves and provide same-day replacement parts fulfillment.
  • Cost: As with any significant purchase, the cost has to be considered. But few people take the time to look past the initial sticker price to think of the life cycle cost of their boat lift. If you get a “great deal” on a lift that only lasts you a season or two, is it really all that great? We tend to think investing in a quality lift that is built to last will save you money and provide invaluable peace of mind.

There are many more features we could have highlighted when it comes to picking the perfect boat lift for your lifestyle, but the above five are a great start if you are a first-time buyer or haven’t been in the market for one in a while. If you’re curious what Hi-Tide brings to the table in each of those specific facets, check out our website for more information. We’ll see you on the water!