The Benefits of Aluminum When Boating

Benefits of Aluminum
Aluminum; the first thing that comes to mind may be a classic can of soup, but for many boaters, aluminum plays a big part in many aspects of their sea-faring lifestyle. Though you may assume that other compounds would make for better building materials on the water, you may have underestimated the durability of this trusted metal. Though we are, by no means, discounting the benefits of fiberglass in boat building, we’d like to explore just why aluminum is our choice metal for so many of our boat lifts and accessories.

Three Major Benefits of Aluminum

  • Weight: To give some perspective on just how lightweight aluminum is compared to other metals of comparative strength, it is just ⅓ the weight of steel. Due to this weight advantage, aluminum parts and products can be made thicker for added strength that would otherwise be significantly weighed down.
  • Proven Track Record: Aluminum is used by a few folks you may have heard of: NASA, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force, just to name three. From Humvees to F-16 fighter jets, if it’s proven in battle, it’s good enough to keep your boat safe.
  • Strength: Certain aluminum alloys can match and even beat the strength of some steel, the strongest of which can handle 72,000+ pounds per square inch. Anti-rust and anticorrosive properties are two other benefits of aluminum that make it perfect for boat lifts and accessories in fresh and saltwater scenarios.

For the above reasons and more, aluminum is the tough and tenacious material that we choose to use in so many of our very own products. Take, for instance, our aluminum elevator lifts. You need to know that your lift won’t begin deteriorating while you plan your next boating adventure, or be damaged by frequent usage. Trusted in space, in war and yes, even in saltwater, aluminum will not let you down when choosing your Hi-Tide boat lift.

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