Safe Harbor: Boat Security Systems You Should Consider

Boating is all about sharing experiences on the water. From the joy of taking your child fishing for the first time to a laid back Sunday spent with good friends, boat owners usually love the opportunity to share their passion. However, as generous as boaters are with sharing the joys of boating, that generosity ends right at theft. Though we hate to worry about it, boat security is definitely an important part of keeping your vessel and belongings safe.

Boat Security Systems

Just like your home or car, there are many different boat security systems worth your consideration. Depending on your specific needs, you could choose a:

  • Local Alarm: This system is the most traditional of security systems. Acting like you might expect a car alarm to, if the sensor is tripped, an audible alarm will sound, alerting all within earshot to the break in.
  • Remote Alarm: Taking the local alarm a step further, this security system will alert the boat owner remotely (via text, email or call) when the alarm is tripped.
  • Interactive: If even a remote alarm isn’t enough, there are boat security systems that allow you to remotely activate floodlights, kill engines or even release a deterrent gas into the cabin.

Once deciding the right line of protection for your vessel, do some research and find a model you can trust. Prices can vary widely depending on features and you definitely want to know that what you’re buying isn’t overpriced for your needs or an unreliable waste of money. Regardless of which boat security system you go with, we hope you never have to use it. However, as they say, it’s better to be safe than get your boat stolen.

For more guidance on this very subject, we highly recommend the in-depth boat security article from Boat US, which we used to gather much of the information for this blog post.