Personal Watercraft Lifts

For personal watercraft and small boats in a tight dock setting, choose from Hi-Tide’s line of PWLs. With three models – the Spinner, the Aluminum PWL and the Galvanized PWL – we have standard and custom solutions to suit your small watercraft.

Aluminum PWL

Enjoy safe keeping of your small vessel while you await your weekend fun and easy access to the water with our Aluminum PWL. Whether you’re lifting a flats fishing boat or 1, 2, 3 or 4 jet skis, Hi-Tide can customize the Aluminum PWL for a whole range of installations and applications.


Our Aluminum PWL with a twist, the Spinner is our sassiest PWL with a sleek, space-conscious design – zip your jet ski up the mast and spin it over the dock for easy loading and servicing!

Galvanized PWL

The Galvanized PWL is another option for storing your smaller vessel, using galvanized steel with back-up electrolysis prevention for proven strength and durability and the Hi-Tide Gear Drive system for power and efficiency.