Be Mine: Valentine’s Day Ideas Perfect for Your Boating Valentine

Forgetful, indecisive or ever-busy significant others–listen up! If you’re all out of Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your significant other, we may have you covered. With these boating-and-fishing-inspired tips for a romantic date, you can treat that special someone to a fun excursion or gift that they’re sure to remember for years to come.

Valentine’s Day Ideas to Treat Your Favorite Boater

  • You catch, I cook: Though some already split the fishing/cooking duties, this is a fantastic way to spend time, bond and enjoy some good eats. Propose the idea of visiting a beloved fishing spot for a full day of cruising and dropping lines, then enjoying the day’s catch for dinner. In case the fish aren’t biting, pick a plan B before hitting the water. Trust us, no one wants a hangry valentine come dinnertime.
  • Kayaking or canoeing: Both kayaking and canoeing give you the chance to paddle away together, enjoying a bit of outdoor quiet time while soaking in the sun and scenery. 
  • Gifts that keep on giving: You could settle for a nice bottle of wine or box of chocolates, but why not give your partner something they can use while doing what they love? Protective sunglasses, a high-quality boating knife, or even a paid pleasure cruise to get them on the water without the hassle of taking out their own boat are all great options. If unsure, maybe pry a bit to see what they need most for their boat. 
  • Romance on the water: Plan a beachside getaway, even if just for a day. Nothing refreshes like some time on the beach, and there are fewer things more romantic than sharing a sunset on the seashore. If the water permits, consider even decking out your boat for a special Valentine’s Day trip with their favorite music, food and a bit of festive decorating on deck.
  • A brand new boat: Your significant other would hate if we didn’t at least put it on the list…

Valentine’s Day ideas can sometimes be hard to come by, but even the most hard-to-shop-for boaters are sure to love at least one of the ideas above. As they say, it’s the thought that counts, and showing your beloved that you embrace their boating and fishing fanaticism is sure to generate some smiles come February 14.

Good luck, and have a great time enjoying the love of boating with the one you love.