How Waterway View Could Become the Google Maps for Boaters

Remember back in the dark ages (circa 2000) when you had to actually print out directions? Thinking even further back (gasp), you may even remember a time when people would have to buy maps and plan out their trip beforehand. The invention of the smartphone has changed quite a lot, but one of the most noticeable improvements comes with Google Maps and other GPS apps.

Instead of fumbling with paper maps (or even dedicated GPS devices), your smartphone is virtually all you need to get from point A to point B, C, and D, all while avoiding traffic jams and getting updated routes if you make a wrong turn along the way. Now, this tech may just be coming to your favorite waterway as well in the form of Waterway View.

Utilizing the same tech that powers Google Maps’ Street View, the Marine Industries Association of South Florida (in partnership with Google) has begun mapping the Intracoastal Waterway and the many lakes and waterways that dot South Florida. Though the instant benefit that may come to mind is helping with navigation, it turns out there could be other big bonuses for both businesses and boaters.

This app is more than just a GPS tool, but also allows boaters to discover fuel spots, boating service stations, and even restaurants that cater to them. With this added discoverability, not only do boaters get tipped off to useful locations they may have otherwise missed, but these businesses will also hopefully see new attention (and customers) with the added visibility.

If it continues to grow into new regions, Waterway View could become a universal boating tool just as Google Maps’ Street View has for motorists. In the meantime, if you are boating in South Florida, check out the app for yourself and see what you discover!