Boating and Booze: A Dangerous Mixture

Boating Under the Influence

After tossing a back a few beverages at your favorite watering hole, the Friday-night luster has finally faded and you’re about ready to head home for some much-needed rest. You wish your clique of close companions a good night, and then; Therein lies the point in which you make the choice between responsibility and carelessness, safety and danger. The decision to drink and drive is a selfish one, as it needlessly puts the safety of yourself and countless others at risk.

Though we know that drinking and driving can lead to deadly results, why do so many not find a problem with drinking and boating? Before you cast off, consider the following:

  • Just like drinking and driving, boating under the influence (BUI) is against the law. If you test at or higher than a .08 while operating a vessel, you are over the legal limit.
  • Though open containers may be permissible in open water, in many private waters you may be ticketed if open alcohol containers are not allowed within that property.
  • Being convicted of BUI is a serious offense. First convictions can see you paying up to $1,000 in fines and spending six months in jail. Penalties only worsen from there, as you could face up to 12 months of imprisonment after your third conviction.

Hi-Tide Boat Lifts is all about enjoying and sharing the excitement of boating with friends and loved ones, but always responsibly. If you understand the dangers involved with drinking and driving, remember that alcohol mixes just as dangerously when on the water. Assign a designated vessel operator or save the drinks for when you’re back on land. Stay safe and get boating!