What You Need to Know About the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

Recovering America's Wildlife Act

Most outdoors enthusiasts worth their salt understand that the ecosystem and the creatures that inhabit it are precious and vital. However, some lack respect for the forests and waterways that they visit and enjoy, actively damaging them by polluting, over-hunting/fishing, or otherwise disturbing the wildlife. That is where the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act comes in.

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act was presented by The Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America’s Diverse Fish and Wildlife Resources and backed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). But why is this act gaining so much support and what, exactly, is it supposed to do? According to Wink News, the act could help support the protection of Florida’s most vulnerable species to the tune of $50 million a year.

Another outspoken proponent of this act is the Alliance for America’s Fish & Wildlife, who believe the act will:

  • Help support the industries surrounding fishing, boating and other outdoor recreational activities, protecting U.S. jobs and the economy.
  • Breaking families, especially kids, away from the likes of social media, emails, video games and computer screens.
  • Protecting more than 12,000 species of wildlife nationwide through the funding of effective conservation.

According to The National Wildlife Federation, more than 40% of freshwater fish species are at risk in North America and 70% of freshwater mussels are already extinct or imperiled. Through added support (such as this act) and awareness, we can do our part to make sure the waterways we love to boat and fish on are around for generations to come.

So, on your next trip on the water, make sure you collect all garbage, ensure your vessel isn’t leaking oil or gasoline and steer clear of wildlife and fragile ecosystems.